Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Really? You're still unemployed?

Many of you know that one of my job functions is recruiting.  Right now is an especially busy time of the year for me as in addition to college recruiting, I have 4 open positions that I'm working on filling.  This doesn't happen very often at my company as we have little, to no, turnover.  I have a couple of more entry-level jobs that I'm working on filling and let me just say, the last couple weeks have been very interesting! 

Just a few words of advice for those of you who are currently searching for a job.

  1.  A 32 page resume is NOT going to get you a job!  I honestly don't need to know every single function of every job you've ever had.  A word of advice, try to keep your resume to one page.
  2. While I can appreciate Whitney Houston, NO I do not "Wanna Dance With Somebody" while I'm trying to call you to schedule an interview.  Here's a tip... while job hunting, forgo the "please enjoy the music" and stick with a traditional ring tone.  While you're at it, update that voicemail message and make sure it sounds professional.
  3.  SPELL CHECK!  It exists in pretty much every software application. Use it and then have somebody else proof read your document before sending it to a potential employer.
  4. RESEARCH! If you're taking the time to apply to a company and they have called you for an interview, please visit their website and learn about the company! Extra bonus points for those who find out recent news about the company and reference it in the interview.
  5.  If you're asked to participate in a phone interview, find a QUIET place to take the call.  A coffee shop is not a good choice!  Do you want me thinking about the latte I'm missing out on or listening to you answer my questions?
I know that times are tough and finding a job is hard and I'm not trying make light of what those who are unemployed are going through, but I just thought I would share a few of my "tips" for finding a job.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is this rock n roll?

We listen to a wide variety of music in our house, although most of it is "Pop" music.  If you ask Merrick what his favorite song is, he'll tell you "Hey Soul Sister" by Train.  On our way to Y camp this morning, Merrick and I were listening to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and he asked me "Is this Rock n Roll"?  I told him, it's considered Alternative music and I asked him if he liked it.  He said "YES!" Since I was a teenager in the 90's, Nirvana and Alternative music holds a special place in my heart and hearing that my child likes it, makes me smile. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home is wherever I am with you...

After living in Portland for over 12 years, our family is heading North to Seattle.  We are sad to say goodbye to our friends and this city we've grown to love, but we are excited about this new chapter in our life.  Whenever I pack up a home to move, it makes me reminisce about all the "firsts" we had there. 

Our sweet little blue house in Tualatin, we loved all 1060 sq feet of you and your 10,000 sq foot yard.  You were our first home and you were good to us.  We brought our first addition to our family home there (Deacon how we miss you) and held our first annual Yates Christmas party with seats running all the way from the sliding glass door to the front door and a rambunctious game of Pictionary.  You were good to us for 4 years and then we decided it was time for something a little bigger in anticipation of one day growing our family.

The Tigard house was where we went through our first major remodel and came out smiling on the other end.  It's also where we brought Merrick home and had so many firsts with him there.  First smile, first laugh, first roll over, first crawl, first step, first word... I could go on an on.  We also created friendships there that I know will remain strong even with miles between us.  It was hard to leave a home that created so many memories for us, but in 2010 we decided to make a bigger move and move from the suburbs to the city and to a home that was 70 years older than the one we were leaving. 

Rose City Park, you charmed us from the beginning with your location and sweet history.  Moving into a home that had been owned by the same family for over 60 years was a little intimidating.  To think of all the firsts this home had seen and the history it held for the family that was leaving.  While there were many things we wanted to change and update in this home, we didn't move as quickly as we had in other homes and some of the quirks came to grow on us and we learned to love you even more.  In this home we saw Merrick ride his bike on his own for the first time, where we sent him to Kindergarten and he learned to read and write and where he lost his first tooth. While there are lots of good memories in this home, there are also some sad ones as well.  After 12 years, we had to say goodbye to our sweet dog Deacon, I can only hope there are huge fields with no fences for you in doggy heaven. 

As I reminisce about each of these homes, I'm reminded of the song "Home" by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros because as long as we are together, happy and healthy, it doesn't matter if we live in a huge home or a tiny apartment. "Home is wherever I am with you".

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Travis and I decided late last year that we wanted to surprise Merrick with a trip to Disneyland for his 6th birthday.  After lots of research and planning, we got a trip booked in early January.  Lucky for us, the Handasyde family wanted to join us, which made the trip planning that much more fun!  Darryl and Rebecca told Dakota that she was going to Disneyland about a month before the trip.  Merrick took the news like a champ and was even excited for Dakota when he found out that she was going to get to stay the night with us before the trip and that we would take them to the airport in the morning. 

We had a 6:50 am flight, which meant an early rise time for all of us.  Merrick wasn't quite awake when we told him the news that he was going to Disneyland and it took a few minutes for the news to sink in.  He quickly ran and told Dakota that he was going with her.  The first excitement of the day was finding out that we were going to ride in a taxi to the airport.  I honestly think Merrick might have been just as excited about the taxi as he was about going to Disneyland.

Merrick & Dakota at the Orange County Airport sporting their "I'm with Goofy T-shirts" and custom Mickey and Minnie bags

The nice thing about an early morning flight was that we got to our hotel and dropped off our bags by 10:00 in the morning, which meant we had a full day at the park.  The first small hiccup in the trip was that the computer system at Disney was down.  Not a big deal if you have your confirmation paperwork with you to show that you have purchased tickets (unfortunately we did not).  Fortunately, they took our word for it and gave us tickets to the park.  How's that for customer service?  Travis was our navigator for the trip and had his handy phone and disneyland app that told him what the wait time was on all the rides.  We decided to ease into things and hit the Jungle Cruise first.  The only problem was our little boat ride turned into a short version of Gilligan's Island.  What was supposed to be about a 7 minute tour, turned into a 20+ minute tour as they had some malfunctions on the ride.  When we finally made it back to the dock, they gave us extra fast passes (for those of you who don't know what a fast pass is, it's like a golden ticket that gets you to the front of the ride line).  Again, Disney came through on the customer service front. 

The crew on the tea cups

I could bore all of you with the play by play details of our trip, but I'll save both you and I the time. I will bore you with lots of pictures, which as they say... are worth a thousand words. If you really want details, the next time I see you, be sure to ask.  What I will say is that we had a wonderful time.  I would say it was probably the best family trip we've been on and we created lots of memories. 

On the Mickey Ferris Wheel at California Adventure

Playing at the water park at our hotel
Tower of Terror - One of my favorite rides

Screamin' California was one of our favorite rides.

We surprised the kids with breakfast with the characters on our last day.

After our last day at Disneyland and California Adventure