Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Really? You're still unemployed?

Many of you know that one of my job functions is recruiting.  Right now is an especially busy time of the year for me as in addition to college recruiting, I have 4 open positions that I'm working on filling.  This doesn't happen very often at my company as we have little, to no, turnover.  I have a couple of more entry-level jobs that I'm working on filling and let me just say, the last couple weeks have been very interesting! 

Just a few words of advice for those of you who are currently searching for a job.

  1.  A 32 page resume is NOT going to get you a job!  I honestly don't need to know every single function of every job you've ever had.  A word of advice, try to keep your resume to one page.
  2. While I can appreciate Whitney Houston, NO I do not "Wanna Dance With Somebody" while I'm trying to call you to schedule an interview.  Here's a tip... while job hunting, forgo the "please enjoy the music" and stick with a traditional ring tone.  While you're at it, update that voicemail message and make sure it sounds professional.
  3.  SPELL CHECK!  It exists in pretty much every software application. Use it and then have somebody else proof read your document before sending it to a potential employer.
  4. RESEARCH! If you're taking the time to apply to a company and they have called you for an interview, please visit their website and learn about the company! Extra bonus points for those who find out recent news about the company and reference it in the interview.
  5.  If you're asked to participate in a phone interview, find a QUIET place to take the call.  A coffee shop is not a good choice!  Do you want me thinking about the latte I'm missing out on or listening to you answer my questions?
I know that times are tough and finding a job is hard and I'm not trying make light of what those who are unemployed are going through, but I just thought I would share a few of my "tips" for finding a job.

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